Under the leadership of Flávio Ahmed, Lobo & Lira has a solid practice in Environmental Law, both in preventive consulting and in litigation in and out of court. Lobo & Lira holds all the necessary skills to represent its clients in proceedings initiated by environmental and regulatory agencies, civil investigations, public civil actions, class actions and public hearings, among other proceedings.

Preventive practice includes due diligence, assistance in environmental licensing and general advice and assistance in a wide range of matters, including adequate tax treatment of areas subject to restrictions on use, from the perspective of environmental legislation.

The environmental law team provides important support in real estate and shopping center cases, contributing with the experience and know-how of this highly specialized area of the law. Opportunities for multidisciplinary work are frequent in urban development projects, as well as in other different types of cases.


Lobo & Lira has acted in varied arbitrations, having actual and current experience in different arbitration chambers. The members of the Firm have extensive background in this form of dispute resolution, not only in the defense of clients’ interests, but also appearing as arbitrators in domestic and international panels.

Lobo & Lira is highly experienced in complex arbitral disputes involving a wide range of matters, such as corporate, contractual and investment disputes, cases involving large EPC and EPCM contracts and disputes involving hotel operations, concession of public utilities and large-scale equipment supply contracts.

The Firm is also experienced in mediation proceedings, which can migrate to advisory work as a result if the success in the resolution of the dispute.


Lobo & Lira has a strong litigation practice, both in and out of court.

Litigation is a multidisciplinary area. The cases entrusted to the Firm involve a wide range of matters, such as capital and financial markets, corporate conflicts, energy sector, large-scale contracts, civil liability, consumer rights, leases and contracts in general.

Lobo & Lira also holds significant experience in lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of laws, including in collective actions, in various branches of the law, with emphasis on the institutional defense of the shopping center industry.


Lobo & Lira has developed an intense and strong practice in the negotiation and drafting of a wide range of contracts, advising clients not only in everyday transactions, but also in more complex deals (many of which groundbreaking in the Brazilian legal scenario), involving domestic and foreign parties.

As a highlight of the Firm’s experience, Lobo & Lira has significant background and expertise in contracts involving real estate business, civil construction and shopping center operation and development.

Lobo & Lira also holds relevant experience in contracts and cases involving large-scale construction under EPC, EPCM, TURNKEY and COST PLUS regimes.


Lobo & Lira advises clients in their relations with government agencies, both in bidding procedures and in the execution of contracts with the direct and indirect public administration.

The Firm has also been continuously representing clients in litigation related to public works, bidding procedures and government contracts, both in and out of court.

Lobo & Lira has developed an advisory and outside-support practice of compliance matters, while also working in litigation involving discussions of anticorruption legislation.


Lobo & Lira has extensive expertise in real estate matters, both in consulting and in litigation.

The Firm has significant experience in urban development, advising clients in matters related to zoning, urban land occupancy and construction licensing.

The Firm also advises clients in approvals and registration of documents and projects before the competent authorities, with significant experience and know-how in real estate registration procedures.

This branch of the real estate law is also strongly connected to environmental law, which provides the Firm with frequent opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams, a model that truly distinguishes the Firm’s practice.


Lobo & Lira has significant experience in providing legal advice to private pension funds, notably in relevant matters related to their respective investments, both in court and in the structuring of businesses and, in particular, real estate transactions. The Firm also acts in the defense of officers of private pension entities in disciplinary proceedings, representing them both out of court and in any resulting court proceedings.


The Firm is particularly experienced in the structuring of ventures co-owned by many players, which often involve the establishing of joint-ventures, co-ownership agreements and other forms of cooperation agreements.

Lobo & Lira is further experienced in drafting and reviewing the contracts that govern the relationship between co-owners and tenants of shopping mall stores, as well as in the implementation of building condominiums.

Na área contenciosa, é intensa a atuação do Escritório em ações locatícias e outras de interesse dos grupos empreendedores, como ações civis públicas, mandados de segurança, ações de inconstitucionalidade, entre outras.


Lobo & Lira practices in consulting and litigation involving corporate law matters.

The Firm advises clients in the organization of corporations, providing assistance in the setting up of limited liability companies, partnerships, joint ventures, foundations and other corporate entities. Lobo & Lira also represents clients in shareholders’ and partners’ meetings and assists them in the negotiations of corporate agreements (such as shareholders’ agreements). The Firm has further experience in merger, spin-off and conversion transactions, helping clients implement the best strategies in view of tax, corporate and governance aspects, among others.


Lobo & Lira has developed a very efficient and significant practice in labor law. The Firm advises and represents clients both in preventive matters and in disputes in and out of court, including in class actions, for clients from many different sectors of the economy.

The aggregate experience allows the Firm to assist clients both in everyday issues and in matters involving collective labor law, labor unions law, work safety and occupational health, as well as in civil liability arising from work-related accidents, which are tried by the labor courts.

Lately, the Firm has often been advising companies involved in reorganizations resulting from the labor law reform that recently took place in Brazil.


Under the leadership of Maria Luiza Faveret, LOBO & LIRA assists clients in judicial and administrative litigation and consulting in the tax area, including legal opinions, tax planning and business structuring.

The tax aspect is a major factor in many transactions and processes entrusted to Lobo & Lira. Therefore, the tax team often joins forces with other areas of the Firm to bring this essential perspective to the case, allowing for a comprehensive and careful analysis, which are distinctive features of Lobo & Lira's practice.